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Monday, September 2, 2013
I hope you are enjoying your long weekend!

I'm linking up with Tales of a First Grade Teacher to reveal my classroom.

Here's a quick glimpse of what my students will see tomorrow morning when they walk into their third grade classroom for the first time.  (Not to toot my own horn, but I've been told by some of the teachers at my school,  "Your classroom is so bright, colorful, and welcoming!")  Hearing that means so much to me.... I hope my students will like their classroom as much as I do.  I must worn you though, there are tons of pictures....this is a loooonnng post.

This bulletin board is right outside my classroom door.  At our school, we are asked to post our daily subject schedules, monthly calendar, and our monthly programming.  The glitter clothspins are from Michael's. {sorry.....the picture doesn't do justice}. The lime green background is a sheet of fabric bought at Fabricland (a Canadian version of Joanne).  The name sign is made out of a wooden paneled frame, wooden letters, wooden flowers, scrapbook paper, and some fancy ribbons.

As my students enter my room, they will see their names on our classroom door.  The huge hanging frogs are carpets from Dollarama (a Canadian version of the Dollar Store).  I just hot glued ribbon to the backs and hung them up with 3M hooks.  The frog name tags are from Erica Bohrer.  She has a welcome sign for all grades.  On our door it reads Looks Who's Hoppy to be in Third Grade.  You can get Looks Who's Hoppy to be in School HERE.

The Exit Slip poster is hung just by our classroom door.  I used green chevron washi tape to make the individual boxes.  Those little dots at the corners of the boxes are student numbers.  For the life of me, I cannot find the creator of the "Ticket Out The Door!" title.  If you know who it was that created this wonderful title please let me know so that I can give credit where credit is due.

Underneath the Exit Slip poster is the washroom signout.  Prior to going out to the washroom, students will be asked to move their name from the green section to the top non-green section.  Upon their return, they will move their name back down onto the green section.  I Modge Podged scrapbook paper & some yellow ribbon onto a cookie sheet. My handy dandy hubby drilled two holes at the top so that I can hang it using a 3M hook. The students' names have magnetic tape on the backs.  Mrs. Beattie's Classroom also has some great pointers on the use of magnetic tape.   By the way, Mrs. Beattie is celebrating in reaching 500 Facebook followers with a fabulous giveaway.  While you're over there getting pointers on magnetic tape, you might just want to enter her amazing giveaway, too.

I am in love with my lime green teacher toolbox.  Thank you Where the Wild Things Learn.


I wanted to share my free Teacher gift from Staples.  Staples was giving out these lovely Post-It Apples to teachers with any purchase.   As for the bell....I'll 'ding' it from time to time just to get students' attention.

This is a picture of my desk.  The yellow bucket houses pencils.  I used duct tape to tape the flowers onto the tips of my pencils.  This way, I know exactly who has borrowed one of my pencils from afar.  I just love my Smurf nameplate...{I posted the instructions on my previous post.}  The green cup houses numbers 1 through 17.  Students will take a number and wait their turn as I make my way around the classroom.

Students use hand signals in order not to disturb their peers.  This wonderful tool comes from Clutter-Free Classroom.

This old sentimental clock was given to me by my be-lated grandfather many many moons ago.  I wanted to use it in my classroom, but the original maple color was not matching with my classroom colors.  So, I spray painted it lime green.  The wonderful circular numbers are from Where the Wild Things Learn.

This is my Teacher Board.  The glitter clothspins are from Michael's.  The yellow and blue background are placemats from Dollarama.

My ruler holder.  It use to house Pringles, but now it'll house rulers!  I Mod Podged scrapbook paper & some ribbon around it.

Students' workbooks, notebooks, and duo tangs are right in front of my desk.  I used lime green fabric to cover my old blue metallic desk and hung a Welcome banner right at the center of it.

Here's a close up of my workbooks, notebooks, & duo tangs bins.  The labels are from Miss Math Dork.

This wall houses all the attributes of an IB Learner Profile.  These posters are from Celebrate-Learning Designs.

The is a view from the back of my classroom.

My desk and filing cabinet. I used placemats from Dollarama, added magnetic tape onto the backs, and put them onto my drabby old filing cabinet.

Here's a close up of my filing cabinet.  The blue bins will house students' Finished, Unfinished, and Needs Correction work.  Underneath the table are a couple of lime green crates.  This is where I will have our one-on-ones.

SMART Board and whiteboard.  

Picture take from the back of the classroom.  The zebra bins house the classroom library books with more books underneath that shelf.

A close up of the whiteboard.  At the far left corner is the different types of genre.  (Again, if you know the original creator of these genre posters, please let me know.)  The middle bordered section of the whiteboard will house all the important information that students need to write into their agendas.  On the right of the border, are a list of subjects.  Students can refer to this section of the board to see what they still need to work on.  I also took a suggestion from an Instagram follower and bought those lovely heart facecloths that are hanging off of the whiteboard.  They are from Dollarama.  She suggested to use them as a whiteboard eraser.  What a great idea!  (Sorry, I cannot remember where this lovely suggestion came from.)

I should also add that I use magnetic tape on anything and everything that goes onto my whiteboard. The borders have magnetic tape.  The subjects have magnetic tape.  Even the date has a magnetic tape on its' back.  (sorry....I don't have a close up picture of my date.)

On my windows I have all the different subjects.  Students work will be displayed here.  I spray painted my clothspins lime green and hot glued them onto yellow cardstock.  The yellow background is vinyl tablecloths from Dollarama.  The banners are from Where the Wild Things Learn.  Each banner spells out a subject.

These are student mailboxes from Staples.  I used paintchips to label them.  I also used paintchips to label students' desks and hooks.

That's about it...

Have a great day tomorrow!

"Remember to Laugh!"


  1. Looks amazing !!! Good luck tomorrow ;)

    1. Thanks!! Hope your classroom is coming along, too. Good luck to you, too tomorrow!!!

  2. Thanks so much for linking up with me. Your class will love your room!! It looks Beautiful!!

    1. Thanks so much for hosting the linky!! I hope my kiddos will love their classroom tomorrow!!


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