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Thursday, March 20, 2014
Hello there!  

I'm linking up with Ideas By Jivey for her Workshop Wednesday.  This week's topic is about sharing a product that you love.  

Before I share my favorite product with you, I must first say that I have become a better educator thanks to all the wonderful and creative TpT sellers, bloggers, and Instagram posters out there.  So, I thank each and every blogger, TpT seller, and Instagram poster {is "poster" even a proper word to use?} for making teaching & learning fun. 

Enough said....let's get back on track!

I love. Love. LOVE. ALL of Deb Hanson's products.  Her TpT store is jammed packed with craftivities.  Whenever I need a fun and engaging lesson, I know I can count on Deb to help me out.  Her craftivities makes me look good at school.  Thanks Deb! 

The product I'm going to share with you is Deb's Fact and Opinion Craftivity.  

This product, technically, can be used at any time of the school year.  However, Deb has also included fun facts that can be used during March Madness.  Up until this activity, my students had no clue what NCAA was all about. But, thanks to Deb, not only were my students reviewing the concepts of Fact & Opinion, but they were also learning some interesting facts about NCAA. 

Another reason I love Deb's products is because she always provides an Answer Key.  I tell yah', she definitely makes teaching easy for me.  I love Answer Keys!  

Each basketball provides an interesting fact or an opinion.  I had my students working in groups to determine what was a fact and what was an opinion. Ohhhh, my students were REALLY engaged with this activity.  They were also amazed at some of the facts that they were reading about.  The best part was that they were collaboratively working with each other!  I love it when they work as a team!  

After determining what was a fact and what was an opinion, I checked their work. Once they received my thumbs up, they were allowed to move onto the next stage of the craftivity.  Next stage, is the coloring, cutting, and gluing stage.  

Students were asked to glue their basketball boards onto a large construction paper.  Once the nets were glued down, the next step was to glue their balls and jerseys. Even though, Deb provides detailed instructions on how to complete a craftivity, some my students thrive to think-out-of-the-box.  This particular student decided that she was going to utilize her jerseys in a different way.  She decided that she was going to draw basketball players wearing the jerseys instead.  

Here they are displayed out in the hallway!  

So, once again, Deb makes me look good!    

I am also linking up with Coast to Coast Kinder for her Wednesday WOW.  I definitely think that the above mentioned product deserves a WOW!  However, another product that also deserves a WOW is the Jamberry Nail Wraps! I do not know about you, but I am addicted to these wraps.  If you have never heard of Jamberry Wraps, then I suggest you go and visit my website and see what I am talking about!  In a nutshell, Jamberry Nail Wraps are vinyl wraps that you apply to your nails using your hair dryer.  These wraps are formaldehyde, gluten, and vegan free.  The best part is that they last 2 to 3 weeks on your fingers and up to 6 weeks on your toes.  I use to be the type of person who never ever EVER wore nail polish!  I mostly never had polish on because I had no time to wait for my nails to dry!  Welllll, Jamberry has changed my outlook on manicures and pedicures because with Jamberry there is NO drying time.  You just apply the wraps onto your nails, and away you go!  
If you would like to try out a free accent sample then, leave me a comment with your email address and I will get one out to you.  
Here is another WOW for you.....Jamberry has an amazing deal where if you buy 3 wraps, you will get the 4th wrap for FREE!  

That is all folks!  I am signing out!
Take care!


  1. I hear you about Deb Hanson and all her amazing products. I am totally addicted to all her amazing products!

  2. Thank you!! I am so glad that your students enjoyed this! They did a great job! I love how creative they were!


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