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Sunday, June 21, 2015
Hello there,

I hope you are enjoying the warm weather out there.  I love this weather.  It's not too hot and it's not too cold; it's just right.  I love going out on duty when the weather is like this.  I just wish that the weather would stay like this forrrr-ev-ah!  (As you can see, I'm still at school.  We are almost at the home stretch though; our school ends in 5 days!)  Did your school end?  Or, are you chugging along with me?  We can do it!  

I am linking up with Miss Monica over at I Heart Grade 3 for her 
Weekly Summer Link-Up. 
This week's topic is about one item that means the world to me.  
This topic made me think, and thiNK, and THINK some more.. I honestly couldn't narrow it down to one single item.  I have so many items that mean the world to me.    The most obvious one being my 3 boys, my husband, then, followed by my mom, dad, brother and his family.  
I also cherish all of the wonderful handmade gifts that my boys have made over the years.  
Most importantly, I love recording my son's voices as they grow up.  (For some reason, their voices are getting deeper and deeper and they are doing a fabulous job of fooling moi on the phone.)

I can just go on and on with this topic because I have so many sentimental items.  Each one with its' own special little story; but I really need to narrow it down to one single item.

My grandfather's sewing machine. 
Back in the day, my grandfather (my dad's dad) was a tailor.
He gave me his sewing machine because he knew I loved to sew.

Since I love sewing so much, my grandmother (my mom's mom) also gave me her sewing machine!  
I now have 2 antique sewing machines.
What is the one item that means the world to you? 
Is it sentimental?  Is it a one-of-a-kind?  
I would love to hear about it. 

Lastly, there is an amazing giveaway happening over at Fabulous Freebies for Teachers.  The giveaway is geared towards Music Teachers and I have donated one of my Music products.   So, if you know of any Music Teachers, please tell them to stop by here and enter!  

Good luck!

Don't forget to stop by I Heart Grade 3 and see what everyone's special item is! 

1 comment:

  1. Hello once again!

    Thanks for coming by! I love your sewing machine! My mom knows how to sew - she used to make all my figure skating costumes for my ice shows way back in the day. She has now taken up knitting and has made a lot of warm sweaters for my children and she also makes little hats and mittens for newborns at her local hospital and donates hats and mittens to schools for children who don't have any, forgot them one day, or whose mittens might be soaked from playing on the playground.

    I am not the kind of person who accumulates a lot of stuff, but like your sewing machine, I do have a few items that have significant attachment to. It's comforting to have something that brings us back in time!




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