A Quick, Simple, and Easy Halloween Costume

Saturday, October 29, 2016
It's that time of the year where teachers start to think of a special, school appropriate, Halloween costume.

If Halloween happens to fall on a school day, then I always make the effort to dress up for my students.  One year I dressed up as Raggedy Ann.  This costume had my students a bit baffled.  They've never heard of Raggedy Ann!!! I ended up having to show pictures of Raggedy Ann on the internet to my students.  Once I had shown them who Raggedy Ann really was, they were all smiles. 
Then, the following year I dressed up as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz.  I even had the sparkling red shoes and a basket for little Toto.  My students kept reminding me all day to stay away from those who had dressed up as Wicked Witches.  

The following year we read the book "Miss Nelson is Missing" by Harry G. Allard.  So, of course, I had to dress up as Miss Viola Swamp.  My students kept asking me if I was going to pretend and be their mean teacher for the day.  We had such great laughs because every once in a while, I would sternly ask my students to behave or sit down. 

Then, the next year I dressed up as Miss Smartie Pants.  My students loved my costume and wanted to know if I had eaten all of the candies.

This year, again I wanted to create a costume with a "play on words".  However, I wanted to put my own twist on it. I wanted to use clip art in my costume.  As you already know, there are tons and tons of wonderful, colorful, and creative clip art images on the internet.  And, since I already own a few too many, I wanted to put a couple of these images to good use.
Clip Art from Krista Wallden from Creative Clips 
 I chose these wonderful, cute little monsters along with these adorable cookies. 
Clip Art from Empty Jar Illustrations 
Then, once they were all printed and cut out, I laminated them for durability.  

The next thing I needed was to buy a blue T-shirt from Michaels.  Of course, as I'm walking down the ailes looking for the T-shirt section, I come across these big googly eyes.  Who could say no to those eyes!!!

My costume was going to be just perfect with those eyes!  

 Once I got home, it was time to create my costume.  All I had to do was hot glue the eyes and the clip art onto the T-shirt.

More clip art on the back of the T-shirt.

And, there you have it!  This year, I will be Cookie Monster.  I'll put on a pair of jeans and my blue, curly wig to complete the ensemble.  

What do you think?  
What will you be for Halloween this year?  


  1. I LOVE your cookie monster idea! Such an adorable idea! I will have to try being smarty pants one year too!

  2. Cute!! I'm still deciding. (Better make a decision soon, I know)

    A colleague wants to be rock, paper & scissors. On my own, I'm torn between the hippo PJ I bought last year & a scarier vampire costume.

    Mme Aiello @ Teaching FSL


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